How do you like the mix of music on Koffee

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YOU love your old rock and would like to hear less electronica. YOU want to hear more classic pop tunes but would rather no acoustics. It's a wide net so cast your vote on what you'd like to hear more or less of on Koffee.

Current Results

Terrible. I haven't heard Metallica once


Too many old songs


Too many new songs


Too unfamiliar


Too mainstream


Play more singer/songwriters


Play more electro


Play more alternative artists


Just right the way it is

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Love it just the way it is! so glad I found Koffee! <3

by Carnival364 (09/09/2011)

So glad I found Koffee, at last a station who plays Kate Bush ... now to get them past Running Up That Hill and on to the next wonderful smooth and lush songs that came after it.. Hounds of Love , Cloudbusting, The Sensual World, This Womans Work, King of the Mountain, Pi, Joanni are so lush and smooth and I'm sure would fit right into the mix at Koffee ...

by Gursel (14/09/2011)

Best radio station ever. No facile DJ's and idiot salespeople spruiking their crap.

by ianneil (27/01/2012)

Great mixes - love no commercials - no wasting air-time beating their own drum. Would like to hear some more traditional blues music.

by kelvo (18/06/2012)


by reezie57 (17/07/2012)

Koffee streamed through my sonos system is amazing. Great music, great variety. A station for someone like me who is over DH announcers yelling at me, ads,ads, ads, talk talk talk, and teenager pop music. Thanks for being there Koffee

by duth (07/08/2012)

One of the things I really love about Koffee is that it gives some new Australian artists some airplay.

For example, great to hear Gossling's "Heart Killer" yesterday. I love that song.

by gothegirls (10/08/2012)

you've got an Adam Lambert vid on your site. Love Adam Lambert. Are you gonna play his music?
loving the fabulous Joss Stone.
Thanks for not overplaying Adele....but um, sometimes would be good.
Thanks for playing Kimbra yesterday.
I like Gotye's Someone I used to know but I like the Xylophone intro rather than the one you play.

by LoveMusic (10/08/2012)

I LOVE Koffee and listen every day. But hey, seriously too much repetition. I love Icehouse's No Promises but you have it on every day as well as many other songs which makes me wonder if you have a robot DJ playing the same mix over and over again. I generally love the mix, but if feels a little like Groundhog day to hear the same songs over and over. A little more variety please?! A Koffee Fan xx

by Ariellenm (14/08/2012)

Best station to hit the airways. Keep it as it is I love the mix.

by rod3024 (22/08/2012)

I listen to Koffee all day every day, which means repetition does creep in... Lots of variety, please..

by RoseiJ (23/08/2012)

Wow! Just found Koffee I just love love love the music. Keep it coming! Just sipping my coffee listening to Koffee and chilling thank you!

by SophiaLotus (02/09/2012)

Loving Koffee but too much repetition , especially Icehouse . They were OK 25 years ago , but twice a day ? Does Iva have a close relative in music programming there?

by toojman (11/09/2012)

Great mix of artists but a little too much of the same song from the artists - more variety from the song catalogue of your current artists plus of course the intro of new artists would be fantastic.

by fivelittleducks (19/10/2012)

Love the music, but too much repetition - it's awesome, but please make it better !!

by PriceAttackCX (24/10/2012)

I am total blown away. I have found a radio station that plays my favourite chill out song, "homebase" by Dzihan & Kamien. I never thought I would find a station that would play such a stripped back chilled out track, but it is amazing. I wake up to this song every morning for the last 4 years, as its my alarm clock track and its just such a great way to start the day. Goodbye triple J, hello Koffee.

by wingjammer (23/11/2012)

Yes, great mix - I leave it on all day when I'm at home.....and I'm probably not your normal demographic....Male over 60.

by slackjack (19/01/2013)

I listen to Koffee at work, and would LOVE to hear some Cat Power! Please! Too many songs get played over and over. I have them in my head when I go to sleep. More variety would be great.

by moreghana (21/10/2013)

For the people who know how to chill, this station would be the best world wide, please don't change a thing keep doing what you are. I can see there is a call for the yesterday, today & tomorrow stuff but don't give in......I personally love the repetition as I don't have the ease of being able to listen all day, so when I do which is most nights I am finding so many artists, styles and great music to chill by...This is what this station is about please don't change your pattern as many give in to the minority and fail........................................... *

by SoulSoothMe (12/11/2013)

Cool station -
No try-hard DJs and the endless bombardment of loud irritating ads... just over that stuff.

by OB-1 (07/01/2014)

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