Dilf Party - The Suit

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  • Event: Dilf Party - The Suit
  • When: Saturday August 4 2012 4:00PM-4:00PM
  • 2012-08-04T16:00:00
  • 2012-08-04T16:00:00
  • Venue: The Hi-Fi - Sydney
  • Address: Entertainment Quarter Building 220, 122 Lang Rd Moore Park 2021 NSW
  • Who: The Hi Fi Sydney
  • Tickets:
  • COME TO PAPA. Featuring Seymour Butz, Stephen C, Half Nelson & More to be added. There are two ways to view a gentleman's suit. That it represents the pinnacle of style, every element honed over centuries. A well tailored suit may not be unique but with the right choices it can define a man just as much as a fingerprint. It's the costume of power, of authority, of unfettered raw masculinity. Like what James Bond would wear. Secondly, that the suit is a prison and the tie a noose around a man's neck. Homogenising him, the thumb of heartless corporations turning him into a mindless drone that can't help but cast off the shackles of his oppression and screw ceaselessly in a dionysian celebration of liberty.

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