Artist: Kaskade
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Kaskade is the DJ name for Ryan Raddon, an American DJ/producer/remixer/artist who was born in Chicago, started his career in Salt Lake City but is now known as one of San Francisco's greatest dance exports.

As a record store owner in SAlt Lake City Raddon started DJ'ing to make ends, later landing a job as A&R at OM Records. He submitted his own music to the label with it later being released. “It’s You It’s Me”, was well received by critics when it was released in 2003, including the single "Its Not You, Its Me", the Prince-like funk of "Get Busy" and "What I Say" which was a favourite in the sets of DJ legend Pete Tong.
It was his follow up, “In The Moment” in 2004, that would put Kaskade on the map. The first single “Steppin’ Out” was a major hit at Dance Radio and Club Play charts in the United States. He followed up with “Everything,” which went #1 on the US Dance Music/Club Play chart.

Album "Love Mysterious" came out at the end of 2006 and the first single, "Be Still", reached #4 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Play while follow up single "Stars Align" hit number #8. His third single released from "Love Mysterious", "Sorry", was his third consecutive top ten hit on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay Chart, at #9, with a remix by Dirty South being nominated for a 2008 Grammy for Best Remixed Recording.

Most recently Kaskade has worked with Canadian house/electronic DJ/artist "Deadmau5" to produce tracks on the album "Strobelite Seduction", including the first single "Move For Me" which went #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay Chart, his first #1. The follow up single, "Angel On My Shoulder", also successed hitting number 5 on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay Chart.


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