Artist: Icehouse
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Born in Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia, on May 22, 1955, Iva Davies is the last in a long line of Welshmen. Despite the Welsh connection, he first attempted bagpipes before taking up oboe, which gained him several scholarships to NSW State Conservatorium of Music. Only in 1989 after a decade's service with his mainstream rock band Icehouse (effectively a trading name for Davies) and working with, among others, Brian Eno, did his oboe attain him a distinction, becoming an Associate of Music Australia. Davies' output outside Icehouse includes two ballet scores, Boxes (1985) and Berlin (1995), the soundtrack to video director Russell Mulcahy's film, Razorback, and the millennium eve 40-minute rendition of his own Great Southern Land. Performed at Sydney Opera House, this was the centerpiece to a new work, a classically orientated set titled The Ghost of Time. Most recently Davies wrote Circles in the Sky for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Courtesy Of / Kelvin Hayes (c) [2008] Getty Images. Photo by [Mike Flokis/Stringer]/Getty Images.

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The band were called Flowers, not Icehouse, when they recorded 'Can't Help Myself' and 'We Can Get Together'. The songs were on the album titled Icehouse. Great album. Surprised 'The Walls' didn't get a gig on the playlist.
They lost their hard edge when they changed their name to Icehouse. I thought that was a shame. Obviously many disagreed with me because they were popular and did very well.

by IndieFan (23/10/2010)

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