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Artist: Clare Bowditch
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To Australian audiences, Clare is best known as a folk flavoured song-writing original who has released a slew of fantastic, thoughtful and cohesive albums through Capital Records/EMI. She has won Australia’s ARIA Award for best female talent in 2006, was nominated twice in 2008, was runner up in the International Song-writing Competition in the singer/songwriter category, has played every major festival in Australia, sold a stack of records and is generally loved and admired as much for her charm and leadership as her music, everywhere she goes.

But things are changing in the Bowditch camp. The first taste from a new album is meant to set the tone of what’s to follow, and that’s exactly what Clare Bowditch’s new song “The Start of War” achieves, in a very dramatic way.

In late 2008 Clare slayed a European tour with fellow Aussie and ARIA winner, Goyte, and then set up shop in that greatest of artistic cities, Berlin. After a chance encounter, Clare happened to rent the apartment of producer Mocky, most famous for his work on Feist's “The Reminder” album (as well as working with Peaches, Jamie Lidell, Gonzales, and a host of others). By day she wrote songs on Mocky’s piano (with Feist’s triple-platinum album award sitting above her) and by night, she and her Casio performed in hidden underground bars in the lost parts of Berlin, refining her sound for the morning to come.

Not surprisingly, what Clare produced during this time is a courageous and exciting contrast to what has gone before.

The Start of War is a fascinating and addictive reflection on the problem of being human, recorded with long-time co-conspirator Marty Brown and the great, GREAT, Mick Harvey (ex-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). With an honest, stripped-back arrangement, most of the song’s tension is drawn from the panoramic overlaying of backing vocals. One Bowditch just isn’t enough!

Clare’s forthcoming album is still being recorded with Melbourne’s cut and paste maestro, Qua. Then after a UK/European tour, Clare will be recreating David Bowies' amazing vocal sound from “Heroes” in Berlin's famous Hansa Studios, with Mocky at the helm.


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