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Artist: Audio Shaman
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While the rest of us have been lounging, enjoying the summer months, down tempo beats darlings Carey O'Sullivan and Paul George aka Audio Shaman have been hard at work in the studio recording their new album ‘Cityzen’, due for release in May through One World Music.

Picking up where their 2007 debut album ‘Welcome Traveller’ left off, ‘Cityzen’ is richly layered with atmosphere and sounds from our world and beyond, but also marks a progression in flavour and grooves for the duo. The textures delve deeper and their technique has developed as they have spent more time in the studio. Proving their multi-talent across many platforms, much of the playing on the album comes from the pair's diverse array of instruments including Classical and Flamenco Guitar, Sitar, Congas, Drums and Keyboards to name a few.

Carey and Paul approached the recording of this album quite differently to the last. Wanting to push boundaries but also keep the thread of Audio Shaman in tact, the two scoured their hard drives to mix together elements from their last decade of producing.

"At first we weren't sure how to approach it" says Carey, "We had a look at our collection of recordings taken from our travels through Europe, India and china and decided to stitch them together, we wanted it to be a great chill out album and also something you could listen to in a bar, something with a bit of a beat behind it."

The finished product is a melting pot of acoustic and digital sounds that harmoniously work together, sprinkled with vocals and ingredients collected from far and wide. With a perfect tempo to give time out from demanding city living, loungey beats and Latin guitar grooves dominating the songs.

"We've been playing together since early high school and over the years we've tried out a lot of different instruments and styles. Audio Shaman is a great project for us as we get to apply all we've learned into one” added Paul.

An adventure of sound is ‘Goenkaji’, an instrumental track that has a gentle but paced sentiment that picks us up and takes us on a journey of the mind. The strumming talents of George on the Flamenco Guitar serves as a hook much like a vocal chorus would.

‘Step Into The Light’ is the most vocal track on the album and one that many will latch onto, Featuring harmoniously beautiful songstress Saritah, who adds her roots/reggae vibe to the flow. In true Audio Shaman fashion, the lyrics and the music blend as one with other elements bringing it together in one cohesive blend of sound.

With chaos ruling around us everyday in this urban jungle that we live in, it’s vital to have moments when time slows down. Audio Shaman’s new album ‘Cityzen’ creates that moment, even if it only last a while, it’s like a holiday for the mind, body and soul.


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