Sarah Blasko posts message explaining new album

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Sarah Blasko has released a statement about her new album, I Awake.

In it, the singer explains the birth of the album and her feelings while making it.

Here it is:

I wanted to go all the way with this record -
it seemed right.
I spent the first half of 2011 in a house in Brighton in England alone
with my thoughts & memories.
& unsettled.

Out of that, I believe, came a strength.
The decision to simply give it all.
This was for me,
this was for my family.

At times I thought this record would kill me.
it was a behemoth!
There were moments I felt I would sink beneath it.

But that's the kind of thing you choose -
I chose to produce it myself.
I chose an orchestra.
An avalanche of sound,
soaring & shrieking,
simple & striking
to send you tumbling.
I do hope it makes you feel something.

I recorded & mixed most of this album in Stockholm, Sweden.
I then went on to record with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.
(I have ancestry there on my father's side,
which attracted me to the idea).
The orchestral arrangements were written by my good friend Nicholas Wales.

Here it is, 'I Awake'!


Artists: Sarah blasko

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