Sandra Bullock on stage for the troops

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Sandra Bullock joked her private life is like a bomb about to explode, at her first public appearance since news of her divorce.

The Oscar-winning actress took to the stage at the Spike Awards to accept the Troops Choice award for Entertainer of the Year.

Wearing a tight leather dress, Sandra received a standing ovation from the audience including George Clooney, Robert DeNiro and Scarlett Johansson.

The last time Sandra was seen at a public event was at the Oscars, before news of her husband Jesse James' affairs broke and before she announced she had adopted a baby Louis.

"Let's be honest here, just for a moment. We're all going to be honest, right?" Bullock, 45, told the awards audience.

"Did I win this for being entertainer of the year, or did I win this because of the spectacular IED (Improvised Explosive Device) explosion that became my personal life?!

"No, it's okay. Because I would do it over again if it was to entertain our troops, and our extraordinary troops deserve something much more than some actress in a tight dress talking about herself."

"I would sing, but you've seen enough pain in your lifetime. I would dance – I'm a pretty good dancer, but as I mentioned, the dress is pretty tight."

Sandra is expected to appear at the MTV Movie Awards tonight to accept yet another accolade.

Photo: Getty/Getty Images Entertainment/Kevin Winter


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Sandra Bullock accepts Troops Choice award

posted 07/06/2010 Sandra Bullock is Entertainer of the Year Sandra Bullock stepping out for the first time Sandra Bullock is the Troops Choice Sandra Bullock stays classy
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