Richard Ashcroft backpedals on Splendour walk-out

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Richard Ashcroft has come out saying his now-famous Splendour in the Grass storm-off was because he was losing his voice.

The former frontman of The Verve had received rave reviews for his tour, but apparently not enough of a rave to draw a large crowd to his Sunday night set at the festival. Ashcroft, who was touring as part of Richard Ashcroft and the United Nations of Sound, had been timetabled against the Pixies and Empire of the Sun which had an effect on the turn out to his stage.

He told those in the audience he may as well watch the Pixies instead of continuing with his set. So, of course, reports linked his early exit to the crowd size. But his management has just issued the following statement:

“After three gigs in two days, including a two hour show in Sydney on Saturday night, we knew Richard would have to look after his voice for the Splendour in the Grass set so we cancelled all promotional activity for Sunday. It wasn’t until he got on stage on Sunday night at Splendour that he realised his voice wouldn’t make it through the set.

“I was watching the show from the sound desk and was surprised when he appeared to missing the high notes on his opening track “Are You Ready”. I could sense his total frustration at the situation.

“Immediately following the show, Richard sought advice from a doctor and was ordered not to speak or sing for 72 hours. Today he is consulting a specialist in Queensland.”

Now we're not sure what to believe. Is this a cover-up or the real story?


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