New Years Eve - movie review

By: Brayds
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 What would you do today if you knew you wouldn't fail?

With Pregnant couples racing to have the first baby of 2012, new love is found, old flames rekindled, resolutions are turned into revelations and New Years Eve is the family feel-good movie of the season.

With a second chance looming, New Years Eve follows couples and singles alike, and how their lives intertwine and play out on December 31st. Written by the same people who brought you Valentines Day, it has more A-list celebrities than rehab.

While Claire Morgan (Hilary Swank) is racing the clock to make New Years Eve happen for New York, the movie encapsulates the ideal NYE and hype to which we set our own standards. With tears, line-ups, overhype and high-heels-in-hands reserved for reality, it's this hope for a "perfect" night that sometimes, in reality, doesn't go to plan.

So if I was to ask you the original question, “What would you do today if you knew you wouldn't fail?” - what would you do? It's fair to say we make our resolutions on this fact alone. So why is it we only let ourselves think like that for one day - that anything is possible. Granted we all know of that go-getter that bangs the drum 365 days a year but why don't the rest of us tackle each day with this motto. Is it the fear of rejection or the fear of failure?

While the movie embraces all these things and you’ll walk away with a warm fuzzy feeling, you'll also think you've seen it before. If you set it 2 months later, you've got the 2012 version of Valentines Day. The cast lineup is impressive and had the February 14th movie not already happened, it might have been able to walk away unscathed but critics will slam it for being too same same.

The movie Crash still has it in the bag for the '10 lives, one night, all star cast' genre and I think it will for a very long time. With the awards already cleaned up and shipped out months ago for this kinda thing, this one is left for the kids.

Even though it’s cheesy in parts and more predictable than a phone call from your mother, if nothing else, take away the message the movie gives and treat every day like nothing is impossible. Take a leaf out the of the movie and give everything a go, no matter how impossible it seems. Even if it doesn't go to plan or doesn't work out, chances are you'll wake up the next day and forget it even happened.

So write your list - then go do it!

New Years Eve is in cinemas now

- Brayden Crossley, Nova FM


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