Meet Koffee's new ambassador, Camilla Severi

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There are big changes happening on Koffee, with the first ever host, Camilla Severi, starting this week!

You might recognise Camilla, who's based in Brisbane, from her time on Big Brother, on which she was named runner-up in 2006. Over the years she's worked a number of media roles, but she's ready to settle in as the first Koffee ambassador.

"I'm so excited about joining Koffee," Camilla says. "I've always loved the mix of chilled music and used to put it on before heading out on a Saturday night, or when I had friends over for a dinner party.

"Working with Koffee is very different to anything I've ever done on radio before. I'm looking forward to bringing the brand to life, so that people feel like they can put a face to a name! I'm also excited about learning new things about music and myself, and I'm looking forward to more time with my family!”

It’s the spontaneity of radio that makes it such an exciting field for Camilla to work in, as she says, “I think great radio happens when people feel connected to what they're hearing… It’s that feeling of being connected to what you're hearing that keeps you coming back.

“Social media has created a whole new platform for this. People can have their say more than ever and I'm so excited to get to know our koffee listeners. Great radio for me personally happens when you give of yourself and people feel like they've had a similar experience to what you're sharing. It's that me too moment.”

Camilla’s all time favourite band is Something For Kate, but her taste is super eclectic, ranging from Jamiroquai to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Angus and Julia Stone. Keep an eye on this week, as we’ll be posting some of her favourite tracks every day.

Catch Camilla on Koffee Monday to Friday from 10am, Eastern time.

Photo: Glen Krohn





Hi Camilla

Lovin' the show...Been a Koffee addict now, for the last month!

Just wondering if I can request a song.
Blue States - Diamente.
This was one of the songs my wife and I had on our wedding day so it means a lot to us. It's a mellow classic and it will always remind me of that special day.

many thanks again...and keep up the great tunes
Cheers C

by taylorch (05/11/2012)

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