Listen: Röyksopp's Senior

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Röyksopp are opening their doors and welcoming the entire internet (count it) in, allowing them the chance to stream their new album Senior in full, ahead of this Friday's release.

Senior is the follow up and counterpart to Röyksopp's 2009 release Junior. More introspective and freeform than its poppier partner, and fully instrumental, the Nordic electronic pioneers Svein Berge and Torbjorn Brundtland recorded Senior at the same time as Junior and it finds Röyksopp in fine form.

VIDEO: watch Röyksopp's music video for "The Drug"

Röyksopp explain: "Senior is the introverted, dwelling and sometimes graceful counterpart [to Junior] - brimfull with dark secrets and distorted memories, insisting "I'm old, I've got experience...”.

"Senior is furthermore an album about age, horses and being subdued - with devils breathing down your neck."

Senior is released on Friday 10 September.

Listen to Röyksopp's Senior:

Artists: Royksopp

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