Kylie Minogue’s $6.75 million year

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Last year Kylie Minogue raked in $6.75 million according to her company’s account declaration in Britain.

The whopping $6.75 million is said to have been largely pulled in from her “X2008” tour in 2008-09. The tour was Kylie’s most flamboyant show yet and the production was reported to have cost around $20 million. It travelled to 21 countries across Europe and stopped in Sydney and Melbourne in December 2008.

Out of the $6.75 million, Kylie payed herself $1.97 million and left the rest of the money in her company. It’s the highest amount she’s earned throughout her entire career and the $6.75 million amounts to a comfortable earning of $18,430.15 a day.

So has Kylie Minogue reached her prime, or can she put on another record-breaking tour? The journey isn’t over yet according to Nova 100.3 FM Assistant Music Director, Amanda Lee, who tells “Kylie is a brand – she has marketed herself incredibly successfully throughout her career especially in Australia and the UK and to an extent breaking into the US market which is a credit to her being such a hard market. Even when she took some time off, she was determined to get better so she could re schedule her concerts and perform for her fans who had given her so much support.”

Kylie and Madonna seem to be in the league of pop stars who can sustain themselves at the top.

“…she (Kylie) is getting older, but so is Madonna and she is still making music and performing. Working with great producers and collaborating with other artist will help Kylie continue her successful career. She has a great support team around her and I have no doubt she will continue to make brilliant music and put on dazzling shows,” adds Amanda Lee.

Kylie is currently finishing a new album which is said to be released in a couple of months.

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Kylie Minogue’s $6.75 million year Features

Kylie announces new album

Kylie announces new album

Kylie Minogue has unveiled plans to release her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite, in July.

Posted 21/04/2010

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