Ku De Ta Radio #249 Playlist 28.1.12

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Sat 8am
Sun 4pm
Tue 9pm

Unit Blue - Estamos Esperando
The Cool Balance - Trying Something
Guy monk - Tap The Beat
Black Fuse - For All We Know
Kevin Yost - New Tricks
James Johnston - Give Me a Shock
Pional - Into a Trap
Daniel Solar - Way Back Home
Freda Payne - Just Can’t Wait
Billa Qause - I Walk Alone
Max Essa - Lamma Island, 5am


Sat 4pm
Sun 8am
Thu 9pm

Fresh Moods - The Touch
Namaste - Tomzen 
Dee Nasty feat. Urban Swing - Sentiment 
Ganga - Light 
Wolfgang Voigt  - Frieden 
Biodub - Subsurfing
Antix - Lost & Found (Jamie Stevens Quest For Floating Remix)
Kyoto Jazz Massive - Behind The Shadow
Lelo - Free Your Spirit 
Koan - Sirens


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