Ku De Ta Radio #242 Playlist 17.12.11

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Episode 242A:BtK
Sat 8am
Sun 4pm
Tue 9pm

La Isla - Five Seasons
Just Think About - Mario BASANOV, feat MISS BEE
What it Means (AnandaProject Full Vocal) - BtK feat Stee Downes
Magnificent (Tim Angrave Resplendent Remix) - Lemongrass
Extermission - Incise

Top 3
Come On Baby - 78 Edits
You'll Never Know 2011 - DEAN SUNSHINE SMITH

Flashback Track
Outstanding - Toomy Disco

Get Closer - Ron Basejam

Episode 242B: Stevie G
Sat 4pm
Sun 8am
Thu 9pm

Terry Callier - You Goin’ to Miss Your Candyman
 Marlena Shaw - California Soul (Diplo Remix)
Almunia - Electro Blues
Hues Brothers - Sweet Spot
Prince - PFunk
The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity
Dazes - Trample On Me
Rewards - Equal Dreams
Blanc & Noir - Invasion of The Sticky
Glass Candy - Miss Broadway
Crossover -Kobe
Faulkner Lewis - Fade to Black

All times AEDT


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