Key Koffee Acts: Moby

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This week on Koffee we are highlighting the illustrious career of Moby.

Born Richard Melville Hall in 1965, Moby released his first album in 1992 and since then has become known as one of electronica's most prolific players, having released 10 albums in the last two decades.

He is also an activist for various causes and has been outspoken on many issues, from veganism and animal rights to criticising the RIAA for suing a suburban mother for illegal downloading to being an advocate for programs aiming to end domestic violence.

Here are some of our favourite Moby tunes and moments from over the years.

Koffee chats to Moby, 2009 - Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

Camilla's favourite Moby blog

Artists: Moby

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