Joss Stone was pi**ed off by Amy Winehouse’s death

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UK soul singer Joss Stone felt annoyed and frustrated when she discovered Amy Winehouse passed away.

Stone, who recently released her fifth studio album LP1, told NovaFM Winehouse was one of the best things to come out of England.

 “It kind of pi**ed me off more than anything," Stone said.
"She was flying the flag for us with her lyrics and her music.
"It’s just annoying when people do things like that to themselves. It didn’t need to be like that, it’s such a waste. It was sad for music and sad for her family.”

Stone, who has worked closely with industry giants like Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart, said she and Winehouse would have faced similar pressures in the business.

“I met her once and she was really lovely. She did two albums – it wasn’t enough,” she said.

“It does annoy me because I know it’s not that hard – it’s not that difficult to not go down that road. We do the same job. I just don’t understand how it can go that way.

“If there are disgusting people around you encouraging you to do those things, get rid of them. But it didn’t happen. It’s too fu**ing late and obviously she didn’t see it.”

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