Grammy celeb tweets - let the carnage begin

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You've got to love the internet... it gives us such a great insight into the minds of trashed celebrities. The Grammy's are set to be a cracker on the Twitter front. The event has barely started and the tweets are flooding through as the stars get ready, rehearse and... drink. Perez sounds pretty hammered already. We'll keep you updated with all the shenanigans.

If the pic posted by Katy Perry (of her and her "hoodrat" Rihanna at the Grammy warm up party) is anything to go by, we should be in for some fun. Not so ladylike now hey girls?

Here's a few tweets to get you started:

Pink  I got a standing ovation for my run thru! Tonights gonna be funnnnnn...

ladygaga Backstage getting ready, feels like youre here with me tonight little monsters. Thank you for a beautiful year full of love and music.Iloveu

katyperry I'm excited 4 today, all the performances r going to be fab & beauty is gonna be on point! Today I'm channeling Indian Betty Paige princess!

taylorswift13  On the way to Staples Center for Grammy rehearsals. There are 13 letters in 'Staples Center'.

hartluck  @pink run through for grammys was insane. She is gonna steal the show tonight!!! No hype needed!! Just a great song done amazing.

davidguettalife On my way to the stapple center for the Grammys. I have butterflyes

PerezHilton Stevie Nicks is joining Taylor Swift for a performance at the Grammys tonight. Amazing! Amazing! Stevie Nicks is one of my all-time faves!!!

PerezHilton On my fifth mimosa at brunch! Getting ready for the Grammys! Thankfully GaGa goes on first! Ha

MCHammer   Biz, Ev, Marc Benioff, Ron Conway all having a great time here at Grammy weekend. Music is the common denominator. It connects PEOPLE.


As MC Hammer would say - "It's Grammy time!"


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