Doctor Who's Matt Smith wants Kylie Minogue to return

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Matt Smith landed the role of a lifetime when he scored the part of the eleventh Doctor Who. What would be the icing on the sci-fi cake? A kiss with our very own Kylie Minogue of course.

NovaFM's Merrick, Dools and Ricki-Lee called the British actor for a chat about all things nerdy. The television series hits Aussie TV screens on Sunday April 18th, and it looks like he'll soon be a familiar face in living rooms Australia-wide. With or without a Kylie pash.

"Across the globe, the biggest fans are the British obviously and the Australians. That's where it's been culturally ingrained. I didn't know how big it was in Australia until I started doing press for it. You guys have had Tom Baker and the lot... you've really been through all of the Doctors."

So, was taking the role a tough decision? (After all, as NovaFM's Scott Dooley pointed out, nerds on the internet can be quite unforgiving). Smith revealed that the decision was a no-brainer.

"I'd like to say that I did hesitate but I didn't. I mean, how can you say not to the Doctor? To my mind it's the greatest part in British TV history. No, I just said yes and punched the air with glee - there was never any question in my mind."

Smith replaces former Doctor Who actor David Tennant - the man who famously got to kiss Kylie Minogue during the last series.

"Wow. Come back Kylie. Honestly, in the UK she's a complete hero. It's funny because the lady that does my make-up did hers and there's a big picture of her in the make-up truck. I'd go in there and just go "That's Kylie Minogue in a maid's outfit!" Only in Doctor Who right?"

If you're lucky mate. If you're very, very lucky.

Doctor Who hits our TV screens Sunday 18th April 2010. 7.30pm, ABC.


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Doctor Who's Matt Smith wants Kylie Minogue to return Features

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Posted 21/04/2010

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