Cloud Control's 'Bliss Release' track-by-track

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Sydney's Cloud Control will release one of this year's finest albums, Bliss Release, this weekend, and vocalist Alistair Wright has put together an exclusive track-by-track of the record for Koffee users.

Cloud Control, currently touring Australia with Vampire Weekend, have become one of this year's most hyped bands, and it's not without good cause. Kicking goals both in Australia and overseas, and with an exceptional debut album released this weekend, these kids are worth keeping an eye on.

Alistair Wright's Bliss Release track-by-track:

01: "Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)"
This song is a big fuzz wave that you can ride. Nobody can explain the majesty.

02: "There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight"
We wrote this together on opposite sides of the world, without the internet. How is that even possible? Some would say it was a 'spiritual connection' but those people are hippies. And that's OK with me.

03: "Ghost Story"
This is a song about telling ghost stories. It's not actually a ghost story it's more about telling ghost stories. It's also about representing where you live. Yes, that kind of reprazent.

04: "Gold Canary"
Good for singing from clifftops into valleys. You have to sing it loud enough so that it bounces back to you and all around until you are surrounded by voices.

05: "This Is What I Said"
Like, just floating. And bubbling layers of song. It's about reality. And superreality. They both exist. But anyway, life is not about the meaning.

06: "Just For Now"
Sometimes you need to remember that things come and go, and that today is always the best day of your life. Know what I mean? It doesn't get any better than this - ever. That's what this one is about.

07: "The Rolling Stones"
I sure hope we don't get busted for having a song that has the same name as a well known band. I guess we just came to the same conclusion as them, and that's why it's called the rolling stones. But it has nothing to do with that band, promise.

08: "Hollow Drums"
Sometimes a song will just come up out of nowhere and bite you in the face. You don't even mean to write it but somehow it just jumps out and says "make me live". That is what writing this one was like.

09: "My Fear"
Almost made the album in a different form, as an acoustic kind of track. But in this version, you'll start off bopping your head, then you can sing along, then your face gets melted and then at the end you can really feel it. If you know what I'm saying.

10: "Beast Of Love"
The sound of Heidi and Ulrich arguing about lyrics the night before the album is due to be mixed and mastered. There is a surprisingly small amount of heated discussion and yelling involved, more echo vocals and a damn smooth fadeout. Very relaxed people, those Lenffers.

Cloud Control's Bliss Release is released on May 14.

Catch Cloud Control live this May/June:
May 14 - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
May 15 - Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
May 21 - Republic Bar, Hobart
May 22 - East Brunswick Club, Melbourne
May 23 - East Brunswick Club, Melbourne
May 27 - Prince of Wales, Bunbury
May 28 - Mojo's, Fremantle
May 29 - Amplifier Hotel, Perth
June 2 - Beach Road Hotel, Sydney
June 5 - Transit Bar, Canberra
June 11 - Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay
June 12 - The Zoo, Brisbane
June 19 - Jive Bar, Adelaide

Artists: Cloud Control

Cloud Control's 'Bliss Release' track-by-track Features

Cloud Control to support Magic Numbers

Cloud Control to support Magic Numbers

Sydney's Cloud Control will support The Magic Numbers at their Splendour sideshows this year.

Posted 26/05/2010
Cloud Control to support Vampire Weekend

Cloud Control to support Vampire Weekend

Sydney's Cloud Control will support Vampire Weekend on their forthcoming tour.

Posted 23/04/2010
Cloud Control are on track for a Bliss Release

Cloud Control are on track for a Bliss Release

2010 sure things Cloud Control are on track for a Bliss Release this year.

Posted 29/03/2010

Cloud Control's 'Bliss Release' track-by-track Videos

Cloud Control "This Is What I Said" video clip
Cloud Control "Gold Canary (Seekae remix)" video clip
Cloud Control "Gold Canary" Video Clip



Check out the video for "This Is What I Said":

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